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From initial contact to aftercare, we speak your language.
Just a moment of your time
We usually start with a quick telephone call and perhaps an online demonstration so that we can find out more about each other.
Our projects are light and agile
We work fast: we concentrate on business benefits and don’t bombard you with specifications and ccmplex design procedures.
The real work starts here
After your software is delivered at working we will support you with inclusive email and phone support plus training and ongoing development.

Where we start

Day One – Understand your Goals

We usually suggest starting with a simple conversation regarding the business benefits that you are looking for.

We try as hard as possible to keep an open mind about a solution at this stage since we don’t always think that the same technology can help in every case. If we think you’d be better off working with another company, we’ll also be honest about that.

We also try to avoid technical-speak. We use ‘plain English’ for a very specific reason: we want you to have absolute confidence that we have understand you. We also want to ensure that you have understood what we can do and exactly what we deliver.

You, at the heart of things

We always see software development from your point of view.

Usually, you are looking for straightforward business benefits from your new system. You might have difficulties with your current systems and processes. However you may not be able to use off-the-shelf packaged software and so require something specific to your business. That is where we come in.

Our strength is the ability to deliver systems to suit your exact needs but due to our experience and the tools we use, we can do this quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Demonstrations – Show and Tell

After discussing your needs, we usually suggest a software demonstration.

Just because we design bespoke software doesn’t mean that we can’t show you what we do before we start a project. Usually, we can show you a brief online demonstration of previous work that we have done that is relevant to your type of business.

Our solutions are web-based, meaning that you just need a browser and can access them from any type of computer, phone or tablet. This also means that we can give you access to demonstration and testing systems before, during and after the main project.


How we develop your software

The Project – Collaboration

We find that software development is often made harder than it should be.

Technology companies sometimes aren’t very comfortable about working with people.

We turn this on it’s head and believe that communicating about software can actually be an enjoyable and open process.

First and foremost, we avoid technical-speak. We believe that communicating about software can actually be an enjoyable and open process.

We use ‘plain English’ for a very specific reason: we want you to have absolute confidence that we understand you. We also want to ensure that you have understood what we can deliver.

Our developers are trained to listen during the project and to show their work as they go. We understand that change is part and parcel of every project. We want you to get what you actually need, not only what the specification said you thought you needed.

Delivery – our speciality

After successfully working on hundreds of projects we can proudly say that we have never had a project fail.

No-one has ever rejected our work, we have never had anyone complain that we were late and we are confident  that every client that uses our software can be contacted for a reference.

Part of the reason for this is that during the delivery phase, we allow people to make last-minute changes. Feedback from tests and live use can be incorporated into your software, usually free of charge.


We don’t walk away

A position of trust

Over 10 years we have developed our people, systems, hardware and testing with the aim of giving our customers peace of mind.

The results are clear: our software is responsive, easy-to-use and reliable while our free support service is popular with users and finance directors alike.

Aftercare and further system development

One of the most overlooked aspects of buying software is the aftercare and future development of your system.

All systems come with inclusive free email and phone support, premium hosting and are entirely maintained by our professional technical staff and our partners at Rackspace.

Bugs and faults are usually automatically identified by our system. We treat bugs seriously and these are fixed quickly and for free at any time during your system use.

It is very common for our clients to come back to us to ask for new functionality for their system and we have a comprehensive ongoing development service.

In a nutshell, we guarantee the same pricing, high quality and service of initial system development.

The proof is in the pudding: many of our clients have been with us for almost a decade and we have never had a client leave us for another provider.